I have known Brother Flett for the last number of years, engaging with him on an array of topics. Ultimately when Chris and I sat down to talk about what his vision was going forward we quickly learned that we agreed on most everything. Chris believes in the core values of giving our members a real and quantifiable voice in their negotiations. He believes in engaging members at every turn and ensuring members are informed about the state of our job market, our local and our future. I believe Chris is open to a new way of looking at problem solving, he is not a top down leader. Having open communication, dissent and new ideas is a cornerstone of his platform. Personally, Chris is one of the most honest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Character matters in our local and he has it in spades. He believes in Unionism and doesn’t portray himself as some type of corporate CEO, our local is more then a business, it is a family and there is no better man to lead us then Chris Flett!

For Integrity, Transparency and Engagement I ask you to vote Chris Flett for Business Manager.

Declan Regan

I first met Chris in July of 2014. He was introduced to me as a Business Agent that looked after a portion of the Overburden Sector in Fort McMurray. I had many questions for him as I was orientating to my new position. Chris always made himself available and was very helpful to me. Three years later Chris still takes the time to assist me whenever I need his help.

I have had many opportunities to listen to Chris talk to both Members and Coworkers. He is direct and delivers the knowledge-based answers that people need. He believes in telling people what they need to hear and not what they want to hear. Chris is fair and very knowledgeable. If you ask Chris a question that he does not know the answer to, he will research the answer for you.

Chris is a strong family man as well. His daughter and wife are the centre of his world.  During the Fort McMurray wildfire evacuation, I reached out to my coworkers to see if there was anything they needed me to do for them. While speaking to Chris, multiple times that day, he was more concerned about his family and others then he was for himself. Chris and his family suffered significant loses during that wildfire, as did many other Fort McMurray residence. In the weeks and months following the wildfire, Chris and his family were helped by a local organization that opened their facilities to them and many others. Chris and his family have never forgotten their generosity, and never will. They continue to humbly give back to that organization and pay it forward to others.

When Chris wins the 2017 IUOE Local 955 Election and becomes the new Business Manager, he will surround himself with the people who have knowledge and experience to help him in this dynamic position. I have full confidence that with the help and expertise of his Team, Chris will bring this Union back to the Members and pave a solid road into the future.

Gord Morrison

I have known Chris Flett since he started working with our Local and over the years he has most certainly earned my respect. Regardless of what some might tell you there is always politics within the ranks when you work for an organization as big as ours but Chris has always managed to stay away from the politics and maintained his focus on the members he was representing.  Respect is quickly earned by a person with such morals and integrity.

There have been surprises during this election, including two of the front runners for the position of Business Manager stepping down at the last minute. As a membership and brotherhood, we should be very concerned because we have a lot at stake here.  I believe Chris has the character and skills to pull everybody together and lead us in working as an effective team which will ultimately lead the members of Local 955 into a bright future.

I support Chris Flett as Business Manager and I appreciate his bravery and commitment for stepping up to the plate at such a critical time. Chris and I have spoken several times since he made this decision; we share many of the same values in life and have similar visions for the future of our Local. We need to rebuild family values back into our Local which will ultimately bring pride back into our membership.

As a member in good standing, it is your right and obligation to participate in this very important election.  It is your livelihood and future so please participate and vote!

Mike Bourgeois 


I have worked with Chris since he was hired to Local 955 as a Business Agent. In my amazement he had progressed in this union faster than anyone would’ve thought. To me one of his biggest asset is his determination fight for the rights of members. He is not afraid to stand for what’s right and what’s wrong and it is my honor to support him for the position of Business Manager.  He will build this union together with members , the union where every members opinion will be heard.  For the members vote Chris.  This is a new beginning.

Yours in unionism.

Jorma FINNY Torkkeli

I have known Chris Flett and worked with and along side him for a number of years. During this time I have witnessed his selfless dedication to IUOE Local 955. He is an advocate for the “little” guy, he puts others needs ahead of his own and is always ready to stand up for what is right and fair. Chris believes in giving each member of this union a choice and that we all have the right to vote and voice our concerns as it relates to our contracts and working conditions. He will ensure that all members of this Union have that right.

Chris has experience dealing in all 3 levels of government and high level management. He is more than capable of leading IUOE Local 955 back to where it needs to be. Above all else Chris has integrity and honesty as part of his core values, this Union needs that in a Business Manager more than ever.

James Dawson

I write this as a testimonial for Brother Chris Flett in support of the Business Manager of IUOE Local 955.

I have known Brother Flett for 9 years and I can tell you that he is a man of great character. I have worked very closely with Chris during our time with Local 955 and realized very early on that he was committed to the membership in all respects.

His concern has always been to support the membership through collective bargaining and help whenever called upon by our local members all with a vision for a better Union for all of the Local membership.

Brother Flett became a member Local 955 when he started working with KMC Mining and became a Job Steward and eventually the Chief Job Steward with KMC Mining.

The future of Local 955 under the direction of Brother Flett will be one of engagement of the Local 955 membership and returning the principles of unionism to the forefront.

I am very proud to support Brother Chris Flett 100% as he pursues the position of Business Manager of Local 955.

I look forward to a very bright future for Local 955.

Kevin Thomas

I first met Chris as a service man at KMC. I was the BA and his brother Mike was my job Steward. When Mike left KMC, Chris asked to serve. Not long after seeing him in action I promoted him to Cheif Job Steward. Soon after we began bargaining, due to his effectiveness as a steward I asked him to join the bargaining committee. There Chris quickly showed his ability to learn quickly and stand up for what he thought was right.

After bargaining we began looking for a new BA. I along with others that were part of the KMC bargaining unanimously recommended Chris.

Chris has excelled. His ability to learn quickly is one of his greatest qualities. Rarely you will find someone that is so self sacrificing that at times we , his coworkers, have often told him to remember that he has to take care of himself as well. Even when he didn’t have a lot, he always found a way to pay it forward.

During the Fort McMurray wildfires, Chris made sure everyone was out safe. He checked on members, family and friends while his own house burned.

Recently as everyone knows, Chris won the 50/50 draw for the Stollary Children’s Hospital. What not everyone knows is that the very day prior to winning, he took a member who was in a tight financial situation, out to do some Christmas shopping so his family could have a decent Christmas. Chris is not a rich man but his heart knows no limit to his generosity. That day he spent about $700. He is a man of great character and I am proud to call him my friend and brother.

Besides his immediate family, Chris is dedicated to his Union family. He knows what this Union needs and I have no trepidation in supporting him as Business Manager of local 955.

Geoff Wells