Chris Flett

Why elect me as Business Manager?

With the support of the Membership, I am dedicated to returning to Union principles and Union fundamentals. I believe that pride, strength and respect need to be at the core of everything we do, and I am confident I can move us in the right direction.

What are my qualifications and experience?

  • Selected by the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Committee as one of Canada’s up and coming Emerging Leaders.
  • Considerable involvement with government from all parties and levels. Experienced in lobbying government.
  • Considerable experience in Collective Bargaining from Rank and File Member to Chairperson.
  • Trustee for IUOE Local 955 Training Trust Fund.
  • Completed Foundations of Trust Management training for Employee Benefit Plan.
  • Treasurer for IUOE 955 Executive Board.
  • Business Agent for IUOE 955 since 2010.
  • Previous Board Member and Board Chair for a local charity involved in youth empowerment.

What’s next?

If the above resonates with you, and my platform is the type of leadership you are looking for, I ask that you elect me as your Business Manager for Local 955.

To donate to our campaign and help further our success, please visit my website. If you are interested in stickers or other support materials, feel free to send an email and we will get you the items you need.

Remember, this isn’t just a campaign…
it’s a Union movement!

I look forward to representing you in the future.
In Solidarity, Chris Flett