Edmonton Meet and Greet/Facebook Live

On Saturday we held a Meet and Greet at the Hilton West Edmonton. We were glad to see a great turnout with members showing an appetite for change and new leadership within Local 955. I was lucky enough to see some old and new faces stop in. Its always a humbling experience to be the focus of a event like this but it was great to see so many other candidates for other positions attend as well. When we have more voices and ideas being utilized we become stronger as a Union.

The group spoke about different issues affecting our different sectors. It was nice to have members from one sector listening to the struggles from members in other sectors. There are always things we can learn from one another, good or bad. After we had all spoken one on one for a couple hours we had myself go up to the podium to answer questions from the floor. I’d like to thank Brother Declan Regan for organizing an impromptu Facebook Live Event right then and there. It goes to show that we can communicate with our members with new technology fast and inexpensively. We took questions from the floor as well as some from the members tuned in through Facebook. Over 45 minutes we covered an array of topics and I urge you to go to the Vote4Flett Facebook group to watch the entire video if you haven’t already.

We will also be doing the same event in the Fort McMurray region on July 6th at Unifor Union Hall downtown from 6-10pm with a Facebook Live Q&A starting at 7:30pm. If you’re in the area please stop in as I’d like to see as many face to face as I can but if you cannot attend please tune in as Declan will be getting as many of your questions asked and answered as possible.


Thank you to all who attended and tuned in and we look forward to more engagement in the coming months!


Chris Flett