Nomination for Business Manager

Sisters and Brothers,

I write today to inform the membership of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 955 that I have accepted the nomination for Business Manager.

For many of our members this past few weeks has been quite the roller coaster. Many of you seen Brother Banfield have to step away from this election. I would like to thank Victor for what he has done for this Local over the past ten years and how he has helped energize our members over the last eight months.

As Victor said in his statement last week, this was never about one man. This is a movement grown out of the grassroots. Members from across all sectors, years of service and backgrounds got us to where we are today. We know that one man cannot control this election or union, it must be of the many, not the few.

Being a Business Agent for the past seven years I have had the pleasure of working, meeting and representing many of our members. We understand what the priorities of this Local must become to ensure the long term health of our union. In times such as these we must come together rather then apart, stand shoulder to shoulder with one another. Collectively we are strong, and we must return to that mindset.

Nearing the end of the month you will be receiving our mailout to your home address. I look forward to speaking to as many members as I can over the next two months. It’s imperative that we engage one another during this time. Elections come only every four years, this upcoming election is critical to our future like few before it.

I am honoured to be nominated to be this Locals Business Manager. We are depending on your support and hope we can get it over the next two months.

In solidarity,
Chris Flett